• In flight
  • From nose to tail
  • For us, every plane - a personality.
  • In flight

    Continuing аirworthiness of аircraft.


    for helicopters Mi and Ka family.

  • From nose to tail

    Actual offer of spare parts.
    From the radar dome to APU exhaust.

  • swashplate

    transmission gear, gear case, connecting gear.

  • For us, every plane - a personality

    Individual solutions for each customer on each aircraft.

New offer for Mi-8/17

  • swash plate
  • blades main and tail rotor
  • transmission
    • Oxygen

      Oxygen equipment

      We supply equipment from different manufacturers: oxygen masks, smoke hoods, emergency oxygen units as well as a wide range of safety equipment: life jackets, emergency ladders, rafts, etc. We offer exchange faulty equipment on new or repaired at the factory.

    • Consumables

      Material fungible

      Materials for periodic maintenance, repair group kits for repair main rotor hubs and swash plates, heating harnesses main rotor and tail rotor blades, rings, gaskets, seals and plugs. Various types of fasteners - screws, bolts, rivets, including the repair of structural elements made of composite materials.

    • Lamps


      The line of products supplied as lamps for the landing light and the individual lamps and interior lighting cockpit. We offer a complete range of lamps used to-signal lights, to be installed in various types of aircraft and aviation-signal valves.

    • Switching


      A complete line of switches, buttons and switches used in modern aircraft cockpits, and the variety of additional equipment. Relays and connectors.
      We offer to supply a long list of various contactors, relays and connectors that are used in DC and AC power aircraft.

    • Avionics


      A wide range of communications, navigation and flight control systems, collision avoidance systems, weather observations, piloting and navigation systems, signs and displays. Radio navigation and radio equipment - radio compasses, altimeter, electronic telemeter, the elements of radio navigation equipment fit.

    Heating harnesses the rotor blades

    For repair MI-8/17 helicopters family

    Control cable Mi-8MT(V)

    To repair the tail rotor control system.

    Repair KIT group

    For main rotor hub and swash plate Mi-8/17

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